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Delta Capital Group

Delta Capital Group is a US-based direct funder that offers fast and same-day financing options to small businesses across the US.

There are no collateral needs, and the majority of our clients receive funds within 48-hours. Whether you need working capital to fulfill your everyday business expenditure needs or need funding for business expansion, Delta Capital can help.

Minimum Requirements

  • $75,000+ Annual Revenue
  • 3 Months in Business
  • 500+ FICO Score
  • Easy and fast approvals
  • Expert advisors
  • Simple financing solutions to fund your business
  • Consideration of your application regardless of your credit score
  • Stress-free application and approval process
  • Reasonable terms and conditions
  • Quick funds transfer

How Does it Work?

At Delta Capital Group, we're committed to providing fast and easy financing solutions to US-based businesses. Our funding solutions are designed especially for those active clients who're under strict deadlines.

Since our digital infrastructure involves a large investment, we're confident of approving your applications in a timely manner.

How to Apply?

Apply & Submit

  • Discuss your requirements
  • Choose the loan option that is best suited to your business needs
  • Complete an obligation-free loan application
  • Submit your application along with your 2020 bank statements
  • One of our funding specialists will review your application and help you move to the next step

Underwrite & Approve

Our underwriters work diligently to underwrite. You will get an answer within 48-hours immediately after your application has been approved by our loan experts.

Sign & Receive Funds

Our financial consultant answers all your questions. Sign closing documents sent to you by your email, and receive funds wired into your account as soon as the verification process is complete.

Have Questions?

Call us at 888-684-2215 or email us at info@deltacapitalgroup.com

We Offer Funding
to Fit Your
Business Needs

What to Expect?

Save Time and Money

Save your precious time and money by collaborating with Delta Capital Group. From submitting an application to the verification process, and final approval of the loan, we make sure to keep our requirements minimal.

A Dedicated Business Advisor

We offer free of cost consultation service from the moment you submit your application. Our loan expert will listen and advise to ensure you get the best value for your money.

We Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Ensure
Quick Results

To ensure a quick and hassle-free loan approval process, we use the latest technological solutions. Our objective is to cut down the processing time so that you can get funds when you need them the most.

Tailored Funding Solutions

There's no 'one size that fits all' rule when it comes to small businesses. We know each one of you is unique and have different requirements. That is why we offer customized financing solutions to all of our clients.

Simply get in touch with one of our experts, share your expectations, and we'll handle the rest.

Customer Support that Truly Cares

Our support team and funding experts are always there to help.


What You’ll Need to

  • Basic Details About You
    & Your Business
  • Last 3-Months Bank
  • At Least 3 Months in
  • 2020 Business Bank
  • $10K in Monthly Revenue
  • 500+ Fico Score

Feel free to get in touch with our support team to know how you can get started.

It’s Quick, Easy, and Stress-Free
Get Started, No Obligation

Our Range of Lending Products

Accounts receivable financing, popularly known as invoice financing, quickly converts your receivable into cash for your business.
With this funding option, you’re not incurring debt as you’re using the money that already belongs to you.

Since lenders are more interested in the quality of your invoices rather than credit score, it opens doors of opportunity for small businesses with limited credit scores to get funding.

  • A perfect alternative to debt financing
  • Easy to apply for and obtain
  • Money deposited into your account within 24-hours

Your business’s LoC provides a quick and effective way to get access to funds when your business needs some additional working capital. It’s somewhat similar to your credit card and enables you to withdraw money when you need it the most. The best bit? You have to pay interest on the amount drawn. It’s a perfect solution to businesses that need more capital to expand and evolve.

  • Pay interest on the money you borrow
  • Improves working capital
  • Can be used for a variety of business purposes

Business term loans can help you financially fuel the future of your business. It’s an effective financial solution that provides your business with an opportunity to get access to large sums of capital. This funding option is suitable for almost all business purposes.

  • Offer funds that your business can use for a variety of purposes
  • Favorable interest rates and terms
  • Instant access to a huge sum of money

All businesses need financing to succeed and grow. But, it’s not as easy as it may sound. We offer a range of commercial loans and financing options for small business owners that not only helps them keep their operations running but also enables them to grow and expand.

Merchant cash advance, also known as MCA, are not loans (but advances). This works when you promise to share a portion of your future sales with your lender and receive a sum of money against that commitment.

Another accessible funding option with amazing rates is SBA. This loan type is partially guaranteed by SBA. 

These loans grant access to a large sum of money. Also, they come with easy terms and conditions. 

No business can succeed without investing in the right type of equipment. No matter what your business needs are, an equipment loan with easy terms and conditions can help you cover the 100% cost. 

  • Self-collaborating
  • Easy to qualify for
  • Quick funding process

Loans that get mature in less than 18-months are called ‘Short-term’ loans. Dissimilar to other loans, these loans are more accessible. Also, the application process is relatively simpler than other loan types. 

  • Easy approval
  • Short-term commitments
  • Finances can be used for multiple purposes

If your business needs short-term funding, then you can apply for Working Capital Loans. 

Working Capital Loans are designed to help small businesses fulfill their everyday business needs, including equipment purchase, utility expense, salaries, etc. 

We offer a fast and convenient way to get the funds
you need for your small business.

Industries We Serve

Construction and Contract Business Funding

The construction and contract business is an unpredictable one in terms of work availability and profits. Most business owners operating in the said business confirm that their work is a ‘feast or famine’ business. 

To excel in this trade, the finances of your company play a major role. Equipment financing, acquiring funds to complete jobs amidst stress due to outstanding AR or facing dry spells due to weather changes are part and parcel of this job. It is also particularly difficult to secure funding if you are a small business. 

Fortunately, for quality subcontractors, Delta Capital provides unsecured funding upto $1,000,000 so you never have to back out of a commitment due to lack of funds.

Delta Capital offers solutions to optimize your cash flow by funding for both medical and non-medical assets and provides business financing structures that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Healthcare Business Funding

Finance requirements for the healthcare and medical industry can be very different from typical commercial businesses. With an increase in demand for quality healthcare, commercial strain is an unnecessary issue for this sector.

Partner buyouts, expensive medical equipment, purchasing or expanding a new practice, IT infrastructure and systems and fulfilling government contracts all require money.

Delta Capital offers solutions to optimize your cash flow by funding for both medical and non-medical assets and provides business financing structures that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

HVAC and Ventilation Business Funding

The HVAC industry is on the rise due to spiking demands for quality indoor environment, upgraded heating and cooling systems and a rapid increase in urbanization. 

The HVAC business plays an integral role when it comes to construction, plumbing and designing. Therefore, the competition in this industry is also high. To stay at the top of your game, you will need to expand your business and keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Just like any business, you can go through a financial crisis due to unexpected business expenses. To deal with the afore-mentioned scenarios, you will need access to HVAC funding. Delta capital supports independent HVAC companies by providing necessary funding to help them succeed in their line of work.

Delta Capital offers solutions to optimize your cash flow by funding for both medical and non-medical assets and provides business financing structures that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Manufacturing Business Funding

The manufacturing industry has a significant impact on the economic output in the United States even though a large percentage of the manufacturing industry comprises small business owners.

Manufacturing companies are resource-intensive. They create products by utilizing raw materials which costs money. Buying raw materials, purchasing machinery and equipment, acquiring real estate, fulfilling new purchase orders, paying bills and covering payroll all require a huge capital. 

Manufacturing financing is essential to cover costs that put a strain unexpectedly like untimely payments from suppliers or when a machine goes out of work. Delta capital helps you explore the best options to fund your business and choose the option that best fits your requirements.

Restaurant and Catering Business Funding

Operating or owning a catering business requires more than just talent and dedication. To gain substantial financial rewards in this competitive hospitality business, financial shrewdness is a must. 

To cover the costs of a suitable premises, the right menu and ambiance and overall customer service, a reliable funder can prove to be very helpful.

At delta capital, we offer a simple and straightforward way to apply for funds that are flexible and will help you thrive and grow in your business. 

Transportation and Logistics Business Funding

The transportation and logistics business may seem like one that does not require a huge capital when you start. However, costs like license and toll expenses, driver skills development costs, fuel and maintenance of your vehicles cost more than you might have expected. 

From investing in security measures like a safe location and trackers to driver salaries, the logistics industry requires a constant cash flow. 

Delta Capital provides affordable and flexible funding plans for all businesses from Express delivery services to trucking businesses. Even if you have a bad credit, we try our best to provide quick access to funds that will help you achieve your goals.

Delta Capital offers solutions to optimize your cash flow by funding for both medical and non-medical assets and provides business financing structures that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Wholesale Business Funding

Working in a wholesale business means buying in bulk, which requires a large investment in one go. As profits fluctuate and wholesale workers manage finances by small margins, it gets difficult to bridge the cashflow gap between receiving payments from retailers and paying suppliers. 

In a wholesale business, money is the basically the only thing running your trade. If you run dry, not only will your business shut down, you will end up with an unhappy customer and a debt.

Readily available capital is the key to running a wholesale business. Restocking existing inventory, investing in a new product or simply dealing with an unexpectedly large order requires safeguarding your business with the help of a reliable funding line. Delta capital can be that funding line for you. 

Delta Capital offers solutions to optimize your cash flow by funding for both medical and non-medical assets and provides business financing structures that can be tailored to meet your requirements.


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Simple Solutions to Support Your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delta Capital Group specializes in providing business funding solutions to emerging players in the industry. We aim to collaborate with aspiring investors to select a financing plan which best fits their needs and help them grow instantly.

We provide you with a simple application that is usually approved within a few work hours. We connect you with a devoted funding specialist who guides you through every step, making the process unbelievably easier.

A: The process is smooth and simple. All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself, your business and revenue. It only takes a few minutes and the process does not have any impact on your credit score (Click here).

A: You can get a funding decision within a few hours.

A: Once your application is approved, the funding is even smoother. Funds are directly transferred in your business’ bank account within a day. Same day wire transfer is also available.

A: Minimum requirements:

  •         More than 3 months of business life
  •         Around $ 120,000 annual revenue
  •         A FICO score of 500+

To find out more on eligibility of your business, you may contact 888-684-2215 for expert guidance.

A: For most funding options, you may need to share your three-month bank statement to provide an idea of the revenue stream in your business. You may enclose the necessary documents at our online portal for your convenience.

A: No, it does not affect your direct credit score. However, it may slightly impact it.

A: At Delta Capital Group, the security of your confidential data is paramount. We deploy security tools that are in-line with banking standards. We use SSL technology for encryption.

A: The duration can range from 4 to 5 years.

A: Yes, absolutely! In fact, you can avoid additional payments and prepayment penalties if you pay early.

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